Naming Conventions for Question Codes

This section presents a suggestion on how to name codes that identify questions in LimeSurvey.

To make it easy the understand and manipulate data collected using questionnaires, we recommend to use a prefix in the code (identifier) of each question. The intention of this prefix is to inform the type of the data “collected” by the question. For example, for a question like “How old are you?”, intAge would be a good code. The int prefix indicates that the value for the age is an integer number.

The following list contains prefix suggestions for the most frequent types of responses:

  • All types of single choice question → lst
  • All types of multiple choice questions → mul
  • All types of text questions → txt
  • Array (Numbers) → int or dec
  • Array (Text) → txt
  • Other types of array → lst
  • Date/Time → dat
  • Equation → `equ
  • Numerical input → int or dec
  • Multiple numerical input → int or dec
  • Yes/No → yn
  • Other types of question → txt