User GuideΒΆ

NES current version supports the creation and management of Participants, Studies, Questionnaires, and Researchers. To navigate in the system, use the vertical menu in the left. The home screen of NES can be accessed by the Contact menu item. It shows the institutions involved in the development of NES.


Participants are people who take part in experiments.

Studies are research projects with a collection of Experiments developed by researchers.

Questionnaires have to be answered by participants and might or not be related to experiments.

Researchers can be included in groups of users (roles) in order to have specific Permissions and access restricted functionalities of the system.

On the top of most of the pages of NES, you can see a breadcrumb.


Each link is a shortcut that allows you to go back to the specific screen. For example, if you want to go back to the Participants screen, you do not need to click Back button many times, but go directly to there through the Participants link.