Answering a LimeSurvey Questionnaire

NES interfaces with LimeSurvey for supporting required filling or experiment questionnaires (see Questionnaires, Participant Questionnaires, and Questionnaires of the Experimental Protocol for more information).

Answering a Questionnaire at LimeSurvey

This is an example of a LimeSurvey questionnaire:


At the beginning, LimeSurvey presents the amount of questions presented in the questionnaire.

Each questionnaire is built in a different way, so you either scroll down through the window or if there`s a Next button, you may click it to start answering the questionnaire at LimeSurvey.

According to each different type of questionnaire, you inform the desired answer(s) and choose one of the buttons described below, in order to take the correct action:

  • Previous, Next: Navigate the groups of questions by showing the previous or next page;
  • Submit (Enviar): Indicates that you finished answering the questionnaire (some questionnaires do not present this button);
  • Resume later (Retomar mais tarde): Allows you to stop answering and continue later;
  • Exit and clear survey (Sair e apagar o questionário): Deletes all answers already given.

Correcting Questionnaire

Unless you answer all obligatory questions (indicated with a red “*”), you can’t continue to the next page or submit the questionnaire.


Answering Questions Later

If you choose to stop answering the questionnaire by clicking the Resume later button, LimeSurvey saves the answers already given.


You will be able to go back later and continue filling the questionnaire from the point where you stopped the last time. If you click this option, NES indicates that your questionnaire is not completely answered.

Exiting and Clearing Questionnaires

Click Exit and clear survey button if you want to exit LimeSurvey discarding the answers already given. Important to notice that this is not going to delete the fill in NES, it will take effect only at LimeSurvey.


Finishing Questionnaire

When the process is finished, questions are saved, and a message is presented to indicate this.


Some questionnaires will present a Submit button that should be clicked to finish the questionnaire, but others won’t; in this case, when last page is reached, the screen above is presented.